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Wildfox Couture


  1. 1. Teddy Coats: Pink, Blue and Cream  2.Pencil skirt   3.PU skirt 4.Heart Jumper  5.Pink embellished Jumper  6. Blue Embellished Jumper  7. Ankle boots  8. Pint Dress 9. Check Dress 


    Pink, fluffy and fabulous! How amazing are these beautiful new coatsfrom George at Asda!  I always look to George as Asda for PJ’s, tights and work wear, I usually stick to vintage for my outerwear but when saw these super cute fluffy coats my mind screamed 1960’s VINTAGE! and I had a image of pairing these fab coats with Alexa Chung style pigtails, white tights, fluffy jumpers and PU miniskirts. And it just so happens that George has all of the above! Along with some fab clashing leopard print.

    I would definitely go down the 60’s route with these coats, I’ve seen a lot of fluffy and cosy coats on the high-street lately and I’ve had the same train of thought about them all. My style definitely leans towards to more retro side of things in the winter. Jumpers, miniskirts, Mini dresses, Chelsea boots and pumps being my staple wardrobe look. Dresses are easy and fun and George have an amazing affordable range

    I’ve been feeling pink a lot since I had my hair about 5 different shades of it! so my favourite is obviously the pink coat! I’d pair it with the pale pink embellished jumper, PU skirt and ankle boots, Or keep it ladylike with the pink checked midi dress or pink lace collar dress and some small heels. The 60s is the era for loud prints so you could clash some prints together and pair with the leopard print pencil skirt and a cream roll neck top or the cute as a button leopard print collared dress, with thick tights and black ankle boots. I’d go all out with a 60’s bouffant pin up hair style, huge black winged eye liner and pale glossy lips. 1960’s candy coloured kitten!




    I’m slightly behind on this post but better late than never, all for a great cause and who doesn’t like a good excuse to dig out their favorite vintage frocks! I’m sure you’ve all been tuning into ‘This Old Thing’ the TV show based around Dawn O’ Porters New vintage book! I have! I love her take on vintage and think it’s very similar to my own. Vintage doesn’t need to be tacky, brash and over the top, styled correctly mixed with the high street vintage can be fun, affordable and always individual. I believe people need to be brave! And go forth and shop vintage!

    To celebrate the publication of This Old Thing, Dawn O’ Porter and Hot Key Books are delighted to announce that they will be teaming up on an exciting vintage venture with Oxfam this summer!! Together with Oxfam, Dawn wants to get Britain sold on second-hand fashion. To kick-start the campaign, she’s launching an Oxfam and This Old Thinglunch-break vintage sale and ‘Vintage Friday’, encouraging people to wear their vintage finds and raise money for Oxfam. Dawn O’Porter said: “Oxfam is one of my favourite places to snap up amazing vintage finds so I’m thrilled to be teaming up with them and This Old Thing to get the British public sharing their vintage treasures - all while raising money for Oxfam’s work around the world.”

    Oxfam and This Old Thing Lunch-Break Vintage Sale!! From 28 July 2014, Oxfam and Dawn O’Porter are calling upon the public to hold their own #THISOLDTHING vintage sale. Rally fashion-loving friends or colleagues together to do a closet clear out, and bring their second-hand haul to a lunch-break sale - be it at work, university or front room! There are no set prices, buyers can donate what they think the item is worth and raise as much money as possible for Oxfam. People can then take the cash and any leftover items to their local Oxfam shop with every single penny raised making a difference to the charity’s vital work fighting poverty around the world.

    Vintage Friday!! This is the one I’m looking forward to, And will be tweeting and instagramming the hell out of! On 1 August 2014 people are being encouraged to wear their vintage gems with pride for #VINTAGEFRIDAY and make a small donation to Oxfam. Text Vintage to 70066 to donate £3 to Oxfam and help transform lives around the world. Remember to share all your photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the #THISOLDTHING, #VINTAGEFRIDAY and #OXFAMVINTAGE hashtags! 

    Where Does Your Donation Go?Oxfam is a global humanitarian, development and campaigning organisation working with others to overcome poverty and suffering. Since its Oxford-based beginnings in 1942, it has grown into a worldwide force. Oxfam is now working in nearly 60 countries on a diverse range of projects, from providing emergency water sources to supporting community health projects. Oxfam has one million supporters in the UK. For every £1 donated to its general funds, 84p is spent on emergency, development and campaigning work, 9p is spent on support and governance and 7p is invested to generate future income. Oxfam has nearly 700 high street shops across the UK selling donated fashion, books, music, homewares and new ethical products.  It is supported by a workforce of 22,000 volunteers. Oxfam also launched the UK’s first online charity shop in 2007.  



    A lot has been happening in the world of GIRL STOLE VINTAGE lately, it feels as though every time I blog something massive has happened. I’ve opened a shop, climbed a mountain or found an amazing pair of vintage boots for £3……ok not all massive things, but you get my point. 

    Well what’s gone and happened now is that I’ve closed GIRL STOLE VINTAGE in Hanley and I’ve started working for an amazing new design company called STARFISH CREATIVE. I wont babble too much on how much I love my new role because there’s something I’m a lot more excited about and that is Stoke-On-Trent’s new ART CITY project.

    Yesterday myself and Kate, the MD of STARFISH attended the press launch, of ART CITY, which was held at the amazing Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Site. Stoke arts organisations have been awarded half a million pounds by The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation to develop ART CITY which is a 5 year programme that will turn vacant buildings and disused spaces in the city into theatres, galleries, studios and cinemas.

    B Arts which is a arts organisation based in North Staffs developed the programme for ART CITY with the help of local independent arts organisations such as Airspace Gallery, The Cultural Sisters, Letting In The Light, Partners In Creative Learning and Restoke.

    I couldn’t be more excited about this project, not being from stoke on Trent and moving here only last summer from London I felt the lack of support for creative talents and creative people, I myself tried to find a disused space to open a vintage pop up shop incorporating music and local bands to no avail, so the news that the council is now also on board with this project is fantastic. 

    Talking yesterday to the Fine Art course leader from Staffs Uni only made me feel more positive about this project. The ART CITY programme will help support students taking courses such as Drama, Fine Art, Film, and Visual Arts. Mark Webster, Head of Art and Creative Technologies said:

     "This is great news for Stoke on Trent and promises to make a real difference to the cultural life of the city. Two of the key factors in keeping our graduates in the area are the opportunity to develop new workspaces and to the possibility to collaborate with other artists. This new scheme could really develop the potential of the city to meet the aspirations of graduating students and allow them to consider Stoke on Trent as the place from which to launch their careers"

    As well as ART CITY I’ve been buzzing around Air Space gallery in Hanley, going to theatre shows in pubs, going to beer festivals, I’ll be attending THE BELL organised by Appetite Stoke, and connecting with local artists. Stoke on Trent is on the brink of really great and creative things, its about time people knew about it. 



    “Tryfan is a mountain in the Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia, Wales. It forms part of the Glyderau group, and is one of the most famous and recognisable peaks in Britain, having a classic pointed shape with rugged crags. Between the mid-1980s and June 2010, its accepted height was 3,002 ft. However it was resurveyed using accurate GPS measurements and found to be eight feet higher.[1] Until the 1980s, Ordnance Survey maps gave its height as 3,010 ft, and so the new measurement confirms that the earlier survey was correct”

    It would be a real shame not to document this on my blog I harp on about everything else on here and seen as though I decided to climb a mountain in a floral barbour, pink socks, raybans and red lipstick it still fits in with my blog wouldn’t you say…

    The want to document this is because I’ve never done anything like this before in my life! I love the outdoors, I always have, especially the seaside, any chance I got while living in London to escape the city, head to the coast or country and get muddy in my wellies for a few days, I took it! But this kind of ‘outdoorsy’ activity, well….lets say it was something I wasn’t quite expecting.

    The first half an hour killed me, I remember walking with my head down and wondering why the F**k  people actually do this for fun, being blown about, being cold and having leg cramps isn’t fun… In fact it was boring the arse off me and I wanted to go back! But with some perseverance we got to the first little resting place and the views were amazing, the view up to the top of Tryfan….not so much and that’s when the overwhelming fear of how the F**k will I get back down never mind up it set in. But the more we climbed and the harder, steeper and more scary it got the more determined I became about getting to the top. I liked all the craggy rocks and actually having to scramble up to the top, it became less of a boring walk up a massive hill and a lot more fun!

    I didn’t do all this without winging, stopping to do my hair, doing a selfie, stopping to check my lipstick, having a sit down and a ‘I’m not going any further’ drama queen moment. But as much as I did winge and moan when we got to the top it was amazing, I couldn’t quite believe id done it and the scared of going back down feeling had done one and all that was bothering me was the burn in my legs and the fact that I’d never needed a cold pint of Stella more in my life.  Of course I couldn’t have done it without a certain gent leading the way, lifting, pulling and helping me over the scary bits. The sense of achievement feels amazing, turns out climbing mountains isn’t so scary at all.  



    When asked to collaborate and choose some of my favourite pieces from the George at ASDA range I wasn’t expecting to come across these amazing 60s inspired monochrome pieces! Simple, summery, chic and taken straight from my favourite era it was love at first sight.I always go straight to dresses on any website but im loving this fab two peice.

    I love shorts dressed up as an alternative to the dresses I usually always wear when I’m on a night out. I’ve kept the accessories simple, as you should when wearing print;  and I’ve chosen black stiletto heels, a black clutch bag and added just a small sprinkle of colour with this fab tassle red necklace, if I were wearing this outfit for a night out, which I probably will now I’ve found it Id also wear the brightest red lipstick. For those of you who aren’t so keen on short shorts George have also been kind enough to make a simple 60s shift dress in the same pattern. Again I’d stick to the same accessories and red lips.

    The other great thing about shorts is they are versatile you can also dress them down but stay chic at the same time by wearing flats and these patent pointed flats are the perfect alternative to heels. This two piece, pretty flats and super cat eye sunglasses would make the most perfect summer in the city outfit.

    Three outfit options for the price of two, what’s not to love?



    (I’m wearing: Topshop coat, H&M pink skirt and roll neck top, Sparrowhawk vintage boots, Michael Kors watch, Alexander McQueen ring)

    So yesterday I said I liked leopard print in small doses and today I’m totally contradicting myself by wearing two classing prints with a bright pink skirt. THIS WAS NOT PLANNED and I blame the shop next door for having these amazing boots in stock this morning that had my name written all-over them. I am a boot lover, boots are my shoe of choice and I have a ridiculous amount of them, one more pair won’t hurt….

    Again this outfit is a bit on the loud side, with the prints and pink and then my hair on top but again that’s exactly why I like it. I have the black version of this skirt from H&M and it’s a really comfortable easy to wear skirt, they look smart with tees, vintage blouses and paired with slouchy jumpers and ankle boots. Paired with one of my 10000000 black roll neck tops, exactly like yesterday’s outfit this outfit has a real 60s feel, especially with these banging boots! Be prepared to see a lot more of these!






    (I’m wearing: Topshop coat, Primark dress and boots)

    #TOOMUCH and by that I mean that there’s maybe a bit too much going on with this outfit, not that I care but it’s a bit of a mish mash of prints and colour, a bit loud but I like it anyways. It’s one of my ‘doesn’t quite work but does for me’ outfits. This dress is from Primark and I love it, I got the green one too… as you do when something so pretty is only £12!!

    This dress feels a bit 60s and whenever an outfit feels 60s I automatically go for this coat, the cut, the buttons and leopard print pattern feels really retro, it also clashes with just about everything I own, Another reason I love it. I love leopard print in small doses….a coat, a bag, a pair of boots or even a hair bow, it’s a fun print that always adds something to an outfit.

    This is an easy dress that will carry on through spring; I’m looking forward to pulling out all my collar dresses and 60s shifts and styling them with knee socks and brogues when the weather gets a bit warmer.



    (I’m wearing: Vintage Skirt, Primark crop top, H&M shoes, IL2L leather jacket, Mulberry Lilly bag)

    It’s a pretty pink day! I’m absolutely in love with this skirt, it’s impossible not to feel happy wearing this skirt and same goes for my bag. Pink is definitely my happy colour. Red is my fail safe colour, the colour I feel I need when I want to give the world a big fat F off. Pink on the other hand is the colour I love when I’m feeling content and happy. This outfit definitely reflects my mood today.

    This skirt and crop top combo is a favourite of mine because I feel it flatters my figure, drawing attention to my waist and letting the draping of the skirt fall over my hips. Still making me look curvy but these kinds of skirts do much more for me than say a body con skirt! Along with Pink H&M heels, my beloved, extremely ladylike Mulberry Lilly bag and pink lipstick I feel like a cross between a 50s housewife and Frenchie from grease…..either way I like it!

    I think as the days get warmer my style will most definitely be from bubble-gum 50’s to hippy trippy 70s if there’s any time to experiment with the eras it’s when the suns out….



    (I’m wearing: Vintage denim Levis, Primark knitted kimono, boots and sunglasses H&M top, Charms and Chains choker)

    Lazy day, lazy dressing. These vintage denim shorts have been with me for years, I love them. Comfy, easy and go with just about everything I insist everyone must own a pair. Yesterday I struggled with the hangover from hell so absolutely couldn’t be bothered to even stand for a blog post never mind frighten you all to death with my face.

    I still feel a little ropey today so comfy denim and this knitted kimono from Primark seemed like the best option. I’m feeling kimonos at the minute! They feel summery, 70s, relaxed and add a bit of something to an otherwise really boring outfit. The sun is shining in stoke today so I’ve accessorised with these Primark glasses (the bigger the better for when I’m still looking sleep deprived) and this amazing choker from Charms and Chains which is just over the hall from me in NUMBER 26 mixing the 70s with a little bit of the 90s….one of those days.



    (I’m wearing, Full circle coat, ASOS jeans, Supercalafashionistic Tee available at GIRL STOLE VINTAGE, Isabel Marant for H&M tassel boots, Louis Vuitton bag)  

    Grey palate and a Celine me alone tee, very apt for my mood today. Least I have newly dyed hair to cheer me up! Today’s WIWT is very comfy very easy and there isn’t a scrap of vintage in sight…OMG! But believe it or not days like these do exist in my wardrobe.  

    Let’s start with the boots THE BOOTS!!! THE ISABEL MARANT FOR H&M TASSLE BOOTS!!! I nearly gave myself a heart attack queuing online and waiting for these so when they landed in my basket and I made it to the checkout I couldn’t quite breathe. I’m HUGE fan of Isabel Marant her designs are laidback, Parisian, naturally cool while still somehow managing to look effortlessly sexy. So when news started that there was to be a H&M collection I knew I would have to get my mits on some! I think the designer collections H&M offers are amazing, I also have Versace for H&M and both dresses are my absolute favourites.

    My T-shirt is a fun design by SUPERCALAFASHIONISTIC and I’m now stocking these in the shop for £20 and they are available to be posted out via paypal. I love slogan tees and this one is my favourite because I’m a moody bitch and I’m always moaning about something so this suits me fine! They are super soft and are one size; they look great with full circle skirts, denim, battered Levi shorts, or under dresses!

    Oh…and for anyone wondering…my hair is what you get when you mix lilac, pink and blue!!!UGHUHUGE



    (I’m wearing: IL2L jacket, Vintage dress, Primark boots, Alexander McQueen ring)

    All in white….this vintage dress is one of my favourites, picked up while slightly drunk in Manchester I love everything about it. The high neck, the colour, pleated skirt and long sleeves. It ticks off all the boxes of ‘Perfect Dress’ for me. I think there’s a certain fear of buying this style vintage dress in white because they can always look a bit bridal, but the tip is to just try them on, imagine them styled like this with black leather and chunky boots, or with summery tan accessories and blue denim. This dress will look very cute indeed in summer with my denim jacket and 70s tan wedges.

    Again I’m wearing my leather jacket that I’m utterly in love with at the minute and my trusty Primark boots which are the comfiest boots for work. The only thing bothering me about this outfit is my hair….I’m not sure what colour I’d even call it at the minute, so tonight I’m going to mix lilac, pink and some blue I have left over…I’d rather have rainbow hair than in-between hair!!